Monday, August 10, 2009

Humble Beginnings

While helping my mom clean out a room in her house I can across a few of my old crocheted creations. I must have made these well over 10 years ago!
It's sometimes amazing to look back at items like these and see how much a talent can progress.
Often I find myself wanting to be able to create amazing works of art with a brand new (to me) medium, and forget that it takes time to get really good. And that time is important. So much is learned with each project no matter how hideous it may look to me today! Each one is a step toward mastery of that craft.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I know...sometimes I see things I made years ago and I cringe (oh, it's so horrible!) but I remember the happiness and joy I felt at creating something from scratch or teaching myself to knit and finally completing that first project and then I remember to go easy on myself. But the hardest part is knowing some of my first creations that sold are out there in the world (how embarrassing!) :0)

    We've all got to start somewhere though...