Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Adventures in Wet Felting

I've taken the plunge! After admiring and reading about wet felting for what seems like ages now I've finally given it a go. And I must say I'm impressed with myself. Either I'm some kind of amazingly crafty lady who can master any medium in no time, or wet felting is a pretty simple craft. Well, maybe it's a little of each!

I'm way too new at this to start giving tutorials, but here's a few pictures of how I created a leaf pouch (which isn't finished yet, btw)

Here's my fibers all laid out, ready to be wet down:

Here's the leaf starting to come together:

And, here's a picture of all the felting I did today, including the leaf in the above pictures:

So, I'm pretty excited about this wet felting experience. I've got lots and lots of ideas for things to felt up! There's just not enough time in the day!

Look what I got:

I'm in love with this group of supplies I've got here. They came from Freckle Face Fibers, and Rosie Pink, both fellow Etsy sellers.
I had to set them up and take an official photo, since they are the basis for the new project I am working on for an apron publication. You'll have to wait until February to see the final manifestation of these scrumptious fibers (that's when the magazine will be published), but I'll be posting teasers here once in a while because I just can't keep this one all to myself for that long ;-)

My First Front page Feature on Etsy!

Yay! There's my little pumpkin stamp in the bottom corner, there. I know that the photo is grainy and weird, but I just had to commemorate the event by taking a picture of my computer screen :-)