Thursday, May 29, 2008

Precious Feet

Who doesn't love an adorable pair of baby booties? Not me, that's for sure.
So when I found
a pattern for the perfect little mary janes I immediately wanted to make them. My mind started reeling with color combinations, and embellishment ideas.

Here are a few of my first pairs. I just love how
they've turned out! I will definitely be making more of these cuties, since I've still got lots of ideas to bring to life.

Interview with Katie of Flutterby Designs

I have been intrigued with all things faerie since I was a child. I'm always on the look out for amazing faerie wings. The wings that Katie, of FlutterBy Design creates are just that. Here's a short interview I had the pleasure of receiving from her.

Tell us a bit about yourself
My names Katie or aka Button and I live in Devon which is in the South West of England for those of you who don't know. It's a gorgeous place and I think I'm lucky to live so close to Cornwall too as it too is beautiful. I live with my boyfriend, my boyfriends sister, my sister, my best friend and my gorgeous little house rabbit Cooper so it's a full house which I love. I grew up on the outskirts of Exeter in a big old house with lots of my family; Mum & Dad, 2 sisters, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, grandparents and 4 cousins ooooh and lots of animals such as dogs, cats, parrots, koi carp, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters.

When and how did you get started making faerie wings?
I started making faerie wings in 2005 after my friend suggested it. We were planning our trip to The Big Chill festival that summer and she really wanted some fairy wings. After spending many hours searching she decided that she didn't like the mass produced boring ones and asked me to make her some as she knew that I was creative. I've always had a passion for all things fairy being a massive Brian and Wendy Froud fan since I saw The Labyrinth when I was little. So the idea of making some fairy wings really excited me. I excepted the challenge and that's where it all started. After the amazing response I had from my first pair I didn't stop. Since then I have enjoyed making them in my spare time (it's my main hobby) but I have also loved making custom designed pairs for weddings, hen do's and parties to tight deadlines as I love the challenge.

What inspires you?
What inspires me? Many things such as (mentioned before) Brian & Wendy Froud, Tim Burton, the sunshine, Etsy - love some of the unique clothes on there, the countryside, the fact that I feel like a little girl still, my family and friends, music, festivals, fabric shops - I love them!!!. I love fantasy art work and films such as Legend, The Dark Crystal, all Tim Burton films because they are just stunning. I don't find it too hard to be inspired as I truly love playing around with wire but if I do feel like I am lacking inspiration then I'll watch Corpse Bride or The Labyrinth or I'll listen to some happy music and that usually gets me in the mood.

What do you do when you're not creating wings?
When I'm not making wings I love to belly dance (you get to wear gorgeous spangly clothes and dance around with lots of happy ladies), spend time with little Cooper who's a dude, play on my DS, watch a film and eat pizza with my boyfriend or (at present); planning what summer festivals to go to!

I'm just so happy that I found this as a hobby as before I started to make my wings I was at a bad place and really quite down. Now I am so much happier and actually feel like I've achieved something, I think my Dad would be proud. I often get excited when I go to bed at night because I can't wait for the next day to begin. When someone buys my wings I get the nicest feeling and feel totally overwhelmed. I still get as excited now as I did when I sold my first pair. I am honoured that I was asked to be a part of Jessica's blog.
P.S. Shhhhh....... *whispers* faeries are real:O)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Enchanted Slippers Pattern

Enchanted Children’s Slippers

Size: 4-6 toddler shoe


  • 1 Skein Worsted weight yarn
  • 1 yd. Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon or ribbon of your choice.

Note: Pattern is made to fit size 4-6 shoe (toddler size) but can be modified to fit other sizes.

Make two:

  • Ch 3, join to form ring
  • Ch 1, 6 SC into ring, join (with Slip Stitch) to first SC
  • Ch 1, 2 SC into each SC around. Join to first SC (12)
  • Ch 1, 2 SC in first SC, 1 SC in next, cont. around. Join to first SC (18)
  • 1 SC in each SC around, until there are 8 rows (counting from very first round)
  • Ch 1, turn, 1 SC in each of next 12 stitches.
  • Ch 1, turn…cont. 1 SC in each, and turn, for12 rows.
  • Ch 1, turn Crochet 2 together, SC one, to end.
  • Ch 1, turn Crochet 2 together to end
  • Bind off. Weave in end.

Cut the ribbon in half and weave each piece through the slippers to use for lacing them up.

Note: to make skid proof apply dots of fabric paint to the bottom of each slipper.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions while making these little slippers. And I'd love to see pictures of the ones you make


My family and I are moving in two weeks! That will be here before I know it!! So, I've been Destashing like crazy. I can't even believe how much craft stuff I have. There's just no way I can keep it all since we're downsizing considerably.

It's actually kind of fun finding these treasures to pass along to others who will use them. I have a stack of vintage craft magazines from the 60's. It's pretty funny to read what 'respectable ladies' were supposed to be interested in back then. These magazines were passed down to me from my late grandmother who must have read them thoroughly since she was a talented seamstress and definitely a respectable lady.