Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Juice Feast

I'm so excited to be announcing that I am embarking on my first Juice Feast tomorrow morning. I have been trying to figure out some kind of cleanse to do for a few weeks and just hadn't found what I was looking for until I was inspired to do a Juice Feast.

One of the main attractions to this idea is the name. The word 'Feast' invokes a feeling of abundance as opposed to 'fast' which makes me think of lack. And, for some reason, that's a really important factor for me. Maybe I'm just tricking myself with words, but I don't care :-)

So, I'll be spending the next few weeks partaking in little more than fresh fruit and vegetable juices (I say 'little more' instead of 'nothing' because I know that there's a large chance I'll give in to some outrageous craving during this time, and don't want to give up on myself because of it!) And, I haven't given myself a set end date, just playing to take it day by day, but at least last for 2 weeks.

I can't wait to share all the mood swings (not having my daily large amount of sugar is gonna have some heinous effects I have no doubt!) and triumphs (be they physical or emotional)