Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview with Loriann of Plumevine

I have been a huge fan of the exquisite Plumevine jewelery for some time now. Each one is not just beautiful, but also a small reminder that there is magic all around us.

So when Loriann agreed to do an interview with me, I was eager to learn more about her!
Here it is!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico to a third generation family of Spaniards with some Irish strands in the mix.

My childhood memories involve mostly long hours in offices. Being surrounded by desks, typewriters, photocopy machines, paper, tape, pens and all sorts of office paraphernalia. You'd be amazed just how quickly a child finds ways to entertain herself with such things.

I suppose having so much time to myself also became a wild breeding ground for the imagination. But there are also plenty of memories in sunny beaches, coastal islands and fishing trips.

It was a charming boy that got me to the other side of the world, here in the surreally beautiful land of trolls, dark winters and midnight suns.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

A misty dream world where all majestic creatures imagined reside. Something very abstract and undefined that is very akin to nature, and those qualities about nature that make us believe in magic, such as rainbows, stars, the aurora borealis, crystals, iridescent sea creatures and flowers.

Antoni Gaudi has been a massive inspiration for me as well as the Art Nouveau period, and films like The Neverending Story and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

How/when did you get started creating your unique jewelery?

I started working with wire and beads about six years ago. I did a series called "Elemental Necklaces", which was a collection of necklaces with colours, materials and symbols that were akin to each of the four elements. I wanted to make a bridge between faeries and nature, and items of power that people could wear on a regular basis. To act as a sort of reminder of the magic of life.

Later on I took a sculpting course to try out new things and get my hands in the earth. I did some pottery until I learned about other types of clays and the wide variety of things you can do with them. That's when I started to work on the technique for my current jewellery, but the concept took about a year to put together. I wanted to present something that I absolutely loved and I suppose that took a bit long. Then Plumevine was born in 2006.

What do you enjoy doing when not making jewelry?

In order to photograph the jewellery I got a really nice camera and have really enjoyed experimenting with it. Going around and just taking pictures, feels like bringing home a goody bag, for free!

I also love delving into raw food preparation and have been enjoying yoga lately. Just recently I started to work on dolls which is really addictive! And as those who read my blog might've noticed, I have a long-standing affinity for astrology.

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  1. oh, wow, this stuff is absolutely gorgeous. my daughter LOVES LOTR and elvish stuff and this reminds me of that...she was really excited to see this post. thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi, just wanted to say that I love your blog and have given it an award! Please feel free to grab it from my blog!