Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to Mt Shasta

It's the end of Summer and just the right time for a mini vacation. So, on a whim, David and I decided to head for the hills (or the Mountains that is). We packed up the kids and whatever we could fit in the car and drove to Mt. Shasta. If you've read my blog before you'll remember my affinity for this little town and it's looming Mountain. And, it didn't disappoint on this trip.

We visited a few of the local points of interest. There are so many beautiful places around the area it was hard to chose which to go to.

Castle lake was an 8 mile drive up into the mountains and was so beautiful and serene.
It is known as a 'true alpine lake'.
We took a short hike beside the lake on a rocky trail. And, the boys played in the crystal clear water. It was so quiet and peaceful.

We also went to lake Siskiyou, here's the boys enjoying the water there.

It was a great few days. I loved spending time in nature with my family, and breathing in the fresh air!

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  1. Well, it seems you ought to be moving your cute little family to that quaint town with it's "looming mountain." I say, get the heck out of Delhi!