Saturday, July 18, 2009

Enchanted Teas Giveaway

I just can't wait for others to try this Dreamy tea blend! So, I've decided to giveaway three 1/2oz bags to the first 3 people to comment on this post!

There is one stipulation though, well maybe it counts as a few! I'd love for the winners to tell me what you think of the tea! (how it tastes, how it enhanced your sleep and dreams and anything else you'd like to add)

I'll send a message to the 3 lucky winners soon after they've left their comment to congratulate them and get address information!


  1. OOh! I'm the first commenter! I could really use this - my brain is a trainwreck when I'm trying to sleep. I'd love to try this out, and will definitely give you a good critique (this is exactly the kind of giveaway I offer on my blog). (-:

  2. I don't drink tea myself but my mother or grandmother would love it.
    I hope this is valid for international people too?
    athaclena.etsy at gmail dot com

  3. Oh, yeah...I think I may be one of the three!! I feel so blessed! :0)