Monday, February 9, 2009

A Fairy Garden

I'll definitely have to call these the 'Before' pictures, since this little garden looks a bit drab. But, before this it was a tangled mess of Maiden Hair fern and decoposing leaves.

I've tamed the fern and removed the leaves in hopes of adding some beauty to the space, and to attract a few butterflies and bees to our yard. And, if a fairy or two would choose to grace us with her presense then all the better.
Though, if these etheric beings truely do exist I'm affraid they wouldn't enjoy spending time near freeways (which is what's on the other side of that giant gray wall) But, I wont give up hope.

In the Spring the Maiden Hair will spread over the arch along with the Passion Flower vine (if she makes it, she's a tiny vine right now) The chamomile, that was planted just this morning, will bloom and fill the air with her calming scent. The miniature rose bushes will bloom with their pink blossoms. And, the velvety pansies, that my sweet Shepard (he's pictured with the garden) picked out from the garden shop for me, will grow and add their delicate beauty to my little garden.

Yes, I have quite high hopes in fact for this humble little garden.

I'll be sure to add the 'After' pictures when this space grows a bit.
And, if a fairy is spotted among the blooms I'll add that too.

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  1. Very sweet! I want to make a lovely flower bed this spring with a bird bath in the center. I have had this in my mind for quite a few years and have never done it. This year's the year!! :0)